Playing Card Light Meets Luxury

Playing card aficionados know there is a ton that goes in to making an incredible deck of cards. From the card countenances to the plan of the card back to the tuck case and conclusion seal, every one of these components of an extraordinary deck matter, down to the plain last detail.

At the point when thwart innovation originally went to the playing card world, it was energizing to see an alternate interpretation of plan and utilization of playing cards in light of the intelligent characteristics of the thwart metal. Despite the fact that an energizing advancement, the quality and strength of these playing cards were not meeting industry norms. The thwart would piece and chip making the cards hard to deal with.

Presently, the following stage in the development of playing card history is here. Solely from The United States Playing Card Company comes the restrictive MetalLuxe™ innovation.

What is MetalLuxe™?

It’s a restrictive innovation that enables playing cards to convey a stamped metal application while keeping a durable, playable, and amazingly tough wrap up. This solid, top notch, premium application is accomplished by first printing the card back, at that point applying a mark thwart application. At that point to guarantee top quality, a modified covering for assurance and toughness is connected and afterward the Bicycle® mark great Air-Cushion™ complete is connected.

MetalLuxe™ outflanks some other thwart application since it is four times more tough, 30% more adaptable, and has a top notch Air-Cushion™ complete for unrivaled taking care of. These components joined guarantee enduring, drop free execution with each deck.

Light Reflection

It’s striking light reflection, idealized. Stamped with genuine metal to accomplish an amazing sparkle, each MetalLuxe™ card features splendid radiance, tone of shading and unmatched sturdiness. MetalLuxe™ is an extraordinary light reflection innovation that grandstands brilliant and spellbinding light. MetalLuxe™ cards are a superior item desired by all who know the multifaceted design of what goes into making an incredible deck of cards. Cardists heighten their execution and card players up their diversion with these flickering playing cards.

Check our MetalLuxe™ video that grandstands the brilliant light impression of these playing cards: MetalLuxe™ Video


There are specific application models with the MetalLuxe™ innovation. For instance, MetalLuxe™ may just be connected to the card back and can’t be full drain, or to the edge of the card. Fine art with MetalLuxe™ must be no littler than 8pt line width. It is hard to print regions of extensive inclusion and territories of little complicated points of interest in a similar run and still accomplish fantastic outcomes. Deck outlines should comprise of overwhelming inclusion or multifaceted detail – not both.

For work of art introduction, all fine art that utilizations MetalLuxe™ must be reflected; which means the plan is the equivalent on the highest point of the card as on the base of the card. Advertisement cards must be uneven. The card backs must be predictable over the sheet. With the MetalLuxe™ innovation there can be no unique card backs for Ad cards.

MetalLuxe™ is accessible in different hues, including; Cobalt, Golden, Crimson, Silver, and Emerald. Just a single shade of MetalLuxe™ can be connected to a sheet. While there are numerous hues accessible, all have distinctive qualities as far as strength, scratch obstruction, blur opposition, concoction obstruction, weakness, murkiness, adherence, alongside shading and surface attributes. Not all hues will play out the equivalent. Likewise unique stocks, distinctive hues, and diverse pictures will all stamp in an unexpected way.

A standout amongst the most broadly known card backs available, the Rider Back, shows the capability of the MetalLuxe™ innovation. The Rider Back plan is a standout amongst the most perplexing and mind boggling configuration examples to be imprinted on a card back. The level of detail and differing line widths drive the capacities of the MetalLuxe™ innovation as far as possible. By printing a plan with point by point void area joined among a solid metal, the light impression of the card back turns out to be totally brilliant and expound.