How to get Casino Online bonuses

Unlike land-based casinos – which may carry the odd welcome offer for players or the odd special deal for VIPs – online casinos are jam-packed full of promotions and bonuses.

Many of these casino bonuses are short-term offers and tournaments, and so they change like the wind and players will need to act fast to claim them. Others are more long-term deals, operating as welcome bonuses or VIP deals to players who play regularly at the casino site.

Although some bonuses may be advertised as “free” very few of them are, so you need to pay attention to each type of bonus, how it works, what it can give you, and what the casino expects in return. Fortunately, we’ve laid out this bag of snakes for you below. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the more common types of casino online bonuses you can claim when playing at an online or mobile casino.

Casino welcome bonuses

The most commonly found online casino bonus is the welcome bonus offer. It varies greatly from site to site, sometimes appearing as a double-your-money kind of cash bonus, and at other times appearing as a succession of deposit bonuses.

A standard one-off welcome bonus offer will exist as a fixed percentage; for the sake of argument, let’s use the most common offer, a 100% match. This 100% match essentially means that the casino is prepared to offer players the equivalent of 100% of their deposit back as a bonus.

So, in our example, if a player deposits €100 into their account, and claims a 100% match, they will receive another €100 (100% of their first deposit) as a bonus, giving them €200 to start playing with.

These types of bonuses aren’t just limited to the first deposit at some online casinos, though. As mentioned, the welcome bonus offers can sometimes form a welcome package, which may be a multi-pronged deal, spanning the first several deposits a player makes a casino.

In this scenario, the size of the bonus percentage usually dips and rises between deposits, and promotional bonus codes may need to be entered alongside deposits to claim the deal. If you do need to enter a “code” to claim an offer, the code is usually displayed on the promotions page at the online casino.

Registration bonuses

Registration bonuses are another type of welcome bonus offer, although they work a little differently. Some registration bonuses are designed to offer players a handful of free spins, and others provide them with a sum of cash which is time-limited.

Registration bonuses seldom require a deposit to be made by the new player, although there are often caps on what players can win with their bonus cash. Fortunately, registration bonuses are non-binding, meaning that a player can choose to claim them and then walk away with no strings attached if they are unhappy with the experience they have had at a casino.

One type of registration bonus may see new players invited to claim 100 free spins on top slots at a casino. They can play those 100 free spins on select slot games and anything they win with those spins is theirs to keep up to a certain amount. Players will, however, be getting free spins with the minimum stake set in most cases.

The other type of registration bonus is barely seen anymore. It involves received a large sum of cash (sometimes as high as €1,500) which can be used for just an hour (or another short-time period) to play games and win money. Again, anything a player wins will be capped, and there are strict terms and conditions on what a player can or cannot do with this bonus cash.

No deposit bonuses

The no deposit bonus is an online casino classic. It is offered to new players (most of the time) who register, and no deposit is required to claim the deal. With this offer, players may receive either a very small sum of cash or free spins (usually no more than €20 or 50 free spins) and they can use those goodies on select games. Again, anything a player wins is theirs to keep up to a certain amount. The basic idea of a no deposit bonus is to give players a “taste” of what playing at the casino is like before they deposit.